All patches from The Unlovables come with an iron-on backing.

It's there to help hold the patch on.

We Also highly Recommend stitching the patch to make sure it holds.​ 

*All iron on patches will begin to peel away after wash and wear

Ironing on will hold the patch in place to make stitching it on easier.

1.  Turn the iron onto the highest setting your fabric can handle. 
*For Denim Use the Highest Cotton Setting*

2.  Put A tea towel or fabric over the patch (so you don't melt or burn the fabric) 

3.  Press straight down onto the patch for 30 seconds. Press it hard and Keep the iron still.  Don’t Move the iron around or the stick will be uneven.

4.  For Larger Patches continue the last step until you have ironed the whole patch.

5.  Remove the iron and let the whole thing cool down. Once it's cooled, carefully check if the patch has stuck.  If Not repeat step 3.